When creating a marketing email, my recommendation is to design the document at 600 pixels wide. This width will allow the viewer to view the piece with ease when engagement occurs from a laptop or on a mobile device.

Once created, you need to think about populating your email with text and graphics. Remember that an email is simply the first step in the communication process with you and your potential client. Get your message across with as little text as needed. Create visual interest by adding graphics, but remember that an email that is “graphic only” is more likely to be flagged as spam by the filters.

Get creative with your “Call to Action” which is where you ask your viewer to take the next step. Examples could be to contact you, to make a purchase or to move to a linked page or document with more information.

Most importantly, don’t minimize the importance of a well thought out subject line. A creative subject line can be all you need to get your email read.

More details on each of these segments will follow…